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20 reasons to buy a genuine Dogrobe from Dogrobes

20 reasons to buy a genuine Dogrobe from Dogrobes

Nov 24, 2023

With lots of options out there for drying your dog, why should you buy a genuine Dogrobe...?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But when it comes to Dogrobes, forget the copycats! Only genuine Dogrobes are made from our exclusive, lightweight, super-absorbent fabric. You may find others online that look like our dog drying coats, and some may even be cheaper, but we know they won’t deliver quite like a Dogrobe.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 20 big reasons to buy a genuine Dogrobe from Dogrobes.

1. Dogrobes dry dogs quickly

Dogrobes are designed to dry dogs quickly, and that’s exactly what they do. No fuss or discomfort, Dogrobes dry your dog in around 30 minutes. That means no more lingering wet dog smell in your car or home, and it stops your dog from getting cold from having wet fur for a long time.

2. Award-winning 3-in-1 robe

Our award-winning dog robes aren’t just designed to dry your dog. These 3-in-1 dog drying coats dry, warm and comfort your dog all at once. This means your dog will stay warm while drying after a rainy day walk or a swim in cold water. Dogrobes also exert gentle pressure against your dog’s body, which soothes and comforts them in the same way as swaddling a baby. This makes them good for anxious pups too, or during scary events like fireworks .

3. Dogrobes’ exclusive fabric

The fabric we use in our dog drying robes, Snoods and Gauntlets is exclusive to Dogrobes. That means you won’t find it anywhere else. Our super-absorbent fabric features longer loops on the inside to easily draw moisture away from the dog’s fur, while the shorter loops on the outside ensure that the fabric dries quicker. For our dog drying mitts, this is the opposite way round so that the longer loops are on the outside of the gloves, the part that comes into contact with your dog’s fur.

This innovative fabric also traps your dog’s body heat, which is what helps to keep them nice and warm as they dry.

4. Easy fit design

You don’t want to mess around with a coat that’s difficult to get on after a bath, a walk or a swim. In that time you’re fitting the coat, your dog is more likely to shake water or get mud all over your clothes, car or house. That’s why we made Dogrobes super quick and easy to fit. It just slips over their head for fast coverage and protection from wet, muddy shake-off, then simply just tie it around their waist and you’re done!

5. Maximum coverage for maximum drying

Dogrobes are designed with extra length to cover more of the hindquarters compared to other drying coats and dressing gowns for dogs. This extra length drapes partially down their legs for more efficient drying. The Dogrobe Original also covers the underbelly where the robe wraps and ties underneath them.

For even greater coverage than the Dogrobe Original, we designed the Dogrobe MAX with an added chest plate that goes through their front legs to cover even more of the underbelly and the chest.

6. Freedom to move

At Dogrobes we care about letting dogs be dogs. That’s why we made our dog drying robes non-restrictive, giving your dog the freedom to move about while wearing their robe.

Again, the new Dogrobe MAX aimed to improve on this even more for the comfort and mobility of dogs. We added shoulder inserts to give dogs even more range of motion and freedom of movement around the front legs. This is perfect for dogs who love to snooze in their Dogrobe after a walk because it gives them more room to stretch out.

7. Ties for a snug fit

You might find some dog coats and robes out there that use Velcro to fasten. But Dogrobes is a Velcro-free zone! This is because Velcro can get clogged with fur over time, making it fasten less effectively. The sound of Velcro can also spook some dogs, and we want them to be as calm and comfortable as possible. Not to mention our dog robes are more sustainable without the use of Velcro.

Dogrobes feature a simple tie that’s attached to the robe itself. They easily tie for a snug and secure fit time after time. Simply tie it loosely in a single loop so that the knot sits on either side of their spine to avoid placing pressure onto the spine.

8. Strengthened in key areas

We know dogs! Playful, energetic, boisterous. And Dogrobes are designed for dogs, so we made sure they are strengthened in all the right places to make them extra durable, even for the most vigorous of dogs

9. Lightweight and single-layered

We’ve had lots of customers tell us that their dogs usually hate wearing coats and other clothing, but love wearing their Dogrobe! That’s because our dog robes are single-layered and super lightweight, making them comfortable and easily tolerated. Even our largest size, the XXXL, is nice and lightweight despite its large size.

10. Easy to care for

Our drying coats for dogs are nice and easy to care for. Just hang them up to dry after each use – Dogrobes air-dry super quickly thanks to the single-layered fabric. Many of our customers wash their Dogrobe around once a week, but this will depend on how often you use it and just how mucky your pup gets. Just wash at 40°C with no harsh chemicals or fabric softener, and then either air-dry your robe or tumble-dry at a low heat. Plus, there’s no Velcro to snag during laundering.

11. Hard-wearing and snag-proof

Our drying robes are designed to be durable and hard-wearing. We get lots of reviews and comments from customers saying they still have the same Dogrobe they bought 3, 5 or even 10 years ago, and that it’s still in great condition. It won't pill or bobble, even after years of wear and washing.

12. A size to fit every breed

There’s no need to wonder if your dog is too big or too small for a Dogrobe. We have sizes all the way from MINI to XXXL to fit every breed, from a Yorkshire Terrier to a Newfoundland. And we even do Made To Measure Dogrobes, so if your pup’s measurements don’t quite fit our standard sizes, just complete our Made To Measure order form to get your custom size Dogrobe.

We’ve even had Dogrobes ordered to fit cats, rabbits and ponies!

13. Available for dogs who wear a harness

If your dog wears a harness when out and about, then we have Dogrobes with harness access openings . This lets you easily access the harness D ring so your dog can wear their Dogrobe over their harness at the end of a walk or when secured in the car.

14. Personalised dog drying coats

Want to add an extra special touch to your dog’s drying robe? Add some extra flair and style with a personalised Dogrobes. You can get your dog’s name embroidered on both sides of their dog robe to really make it their own and add a personal touch.

15. Choice of 11 vibrant colours

Our Dogrobes, Snoods and Gauntlets are all available in 11 brilliant colours, so you can get a matching set no matter what colour suits your dog best. Choose from red, navy, green, teal, black, orange, pink, grey, purple, burgundy and cobalt blue.

Or if you’re looking for a bit more flair for your dog, we’ve also got the Exclusive Collection Dogrobes with 6 stunning patterns – Tartan, Rainbow, Paisley, Stag, Knit and Camouflage. And look closely, many of these exclusive patterns have a cute canine element to them.

16. No quibble guarantee

We’ve looked at lots of great reasons you and your dog will love your Dogrobe, but if there’s any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, we strive to solve it. That’s where our No Quibble Guarantee comes in. If you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, we’ll fix it.

17. Made in Britain

Dogrobes are both designed and made in Britain , and we are proud to be part of the Made in Britain organisation . While this makes the manufacturing process slightly more expensive, it means that we have more control over the supply chain and the quality of our products. We trust British manufacturers to always produce excellent craftmanship in order to meet our high standards.

It's also important to us (and to many of our customers) to support British manufacturing and other British businesses. Another bonus is a reduced carbon footprint when it comes to transportation and logistics.

18. Supporting dog charities and rescues

We strive to do good with every Dogrobe sold, and that’s why we choose a dog-related charity to support each year. Donations to these charities are made from sales of Dogrobes online and all the events we attend throughout the year, including Crufts. In 2023, we’ve been supporting Hounds for Heroes , and charities we’ve supported in the past include Pet Blood Bank UK , All Dogs Matter and Dogs Trust .

19. Trusted by dog professionals

Take the word of our customers, which include vets, hydrotherapists, dog groomers and dog walkers. Lots of dog professionals love and trust Dogrobes to keep their dogs calm and comfortable while they dry off.

20. Over 2,000 5-star customer reviews

And it’s not just professionals who love our Dogrobes and recommend them at every chance they get. Dog lovers across the UK (and even around the world!) tell us how much they love Dogrobes for drying their pups. We’ve received over 2,000 5-star reviews from our customers. Here are just a few of them…

If your dog wants to join all our happy customers who are wrapped up in a Dogrobe, check out the great range of colours, patterns, sizes and styles we have available.