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Toy Poodle Size Guide


The Toy Poodle is a dynamic little dog that is alert, playful and enjoys company.

He may be small, but when he’s wet his spray will go everywhere!

With a profuse, dense coat, he’s likely to need a fair bit of drying when wet,

and that’s when you’ll find Dogrobes to be absolutely indispensable.

Our dog drying coats contain moisture and mess, and help to keep surrounds clean and dry.

Simple to fit, our dog drying coat is so effective at absorbing moisture that your Toy Poodle will be dry in just half an hour’s wear.

No tricky towel drying, just fit the Dogrobe and remove it when your Toy Poodle is dry. It really is as easy as that! 

  Which Dogrobe for My Toy Poodle?

Size TOY is usually best for the Toy Poodle breed, but very small bitches can take a MINI size.

Be sure to check out our handy measuring video then check your sizes below.