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Pug Size Guide


A Pug‘s dense undercoat can retain water and this is the hardest part to get dry after wet walks or bathtimes.

Trust Dogrobes to provide the perfect solution to getting that undercoat dry.

Simply fit the Dogrobe and let your dog wear it for about half an hour until he’s dried off.

  Which size for my pug?

It’s important that your Pug‘s Dogrobe fits him well.

Being a distinctive breed – and a distinctive shape – we suggest our Made To Measure drying coat service in order to get a snug fit for your Pug.

Because Pugs have a relatively short body compared to other breeds, we advise that you measure your dog’s girth.

So that we get the perfect fit, we’ll also need your dog’s collar to base of tail measurement as well as his over head size.

Just watch our video below which shows you how to measure your dog for a Made To Measure Dogrobe.

Supply us with these measurements and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple!

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