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Made In Britain…To Last
Trusted By Experts Since 2004
No Quibble Guarantee
Worldwide Shipping
Labrador next to car in snow, wearing Dogrobes green dog towelling robe with harness access opening and green dog Snood.

Dogrobes Drying Coats
with Harness Access Opening

Harness hassle solved!

Wet dogs + car journeys = a struggle (we hear you!)

Does your dog wear a harness for walks? Dogrobes with a harness access opening make finding the harness ‘D’ ring a doddle and let your dog dry comfortably, keep warm and travel securely.

Choosing a Dogrobe with Harness Access is now even easier. Simply select the harness customisation on a standard Dogrobe product!

Red Dogrobe with harness access opening showing location between collar and mid-back and colours available in original Dogrobe.

What is a Dogrobe with Harness Access Opening?

At Dogrobes, we believe in letting dogs be dogs. Let them swim in the sea, dive into the muddiest bogs, and roll in fields! Having a Dogrobe with Harness Access means you don't have to worry about driving with a trembling, wet dog.

The harness access opening is a customisation you can add on to every size of Original and Exclusive Dogrobes.

It is a small opening, like a long button-hole, between the collar and mid-back of the Dogrobe. The sides of the opening stay together until you need to access the harness.

The opening allows easy access to the harness 'D' ring, letting you clip your dog in quickly without removing their towelling dog robe. So you arrive safely with a dry, warm, happy dog!

Toy Poodle wearing personalised dog towelling robe by Dogrobes. The robe features a harness access opening.

How to order a Dogrobe with Harness Access Opening

  1. Select your Dogrobe size
  2. Choose ‘Add Harness Access Opening’ from the next dropdown

Dogrobes with Harness Access are normally available in all sizes, colours and patterns. Occasionally we experience out of stocks, so if your size is unavailable, let us know.

Because we're made in Britain, the next delivery is usually within a few weeks and we’ll get in touch when your size is back in stock.

The Dogrobe MAX is not currently available with a harness access opening. If you would like one, please contact us.

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Complete the kit and save!

We love a matching set and an offer! Save £££s when you buy a matching Snood and Gauntlets together with a Dogrobe with Harness Access Opening.

Real dogs, real results: Read why dog owners love Dogrobes with Harness Access

How to use a Dogrobe with Harness Access Opening


Let your dog shake

Dogs can shake off up to 70% of the water in just a few seconds. Dogrobes deal with the rest!


Slip the Dogrobe on

Slip the Dogrobe with Harness Access Opening over your dog's head and tie to the right or left of the spine.


Fit matching accessories

Fit a dog Snood to dry your dog’s head, neck and ears and use Gauntlets drying mitts to dry their legs and paws.


Locate the harness 'D' ring

In the car, part the sides of the harness opening to locate the harness ‘D’ ring under the Dogrobe and secure your dog.

Benefits of using a Dogrobe with Harness Access

Dog towel showing features of Dogrobes with harness access opening, to dry your dog quickly, keep them warm and comfort them.

A Dogrobe with a harness access opening has all the benefits of a standard Dogrobe but with the added advantage of finding your dog’s harness quickly and easily. It’s often a struggle to find the harness ring underneath other dog drying coats. And it can be uncomfortable for your dog as you reach through, tightening the neck to pass the leash through the opening.

A Dogrobe with a harness access opening makes securing your dog quicker, easier and safer!

Dry dogs quickly

The unique super-absorbent cotton wicks moisture away from your dog’s fur, drying them in around 30 mins.

Keep dogs warm

Wet fur is a poor insulator and dogs become cold quickly, especially when restricted. Long loops inside our unique fabric trap body heat to keep your dog warm.

Calm & comfort

Dogrobes slip on and tie, without Velcro, for a comfortable, snug fit time after time, producing a swaddling effect to calm your dog.

Protect car interior

Dogrobes help stop your dog shaking mud and moisture over the inside of your car. And drying your dog quickly prevents the wet dog smell.

Dog secured in car wearing purple Dogrobe, showing harness access opening between collar and mid-back.

Why it's important to secure your dog while travelling

  • Prevent accidents: An unsecured dog can be a distraction while driving, which can make accidents more likely
  • Keep your dog safe from injury: If you are in a collision or have to brake suddenly, your dog is less likely to get injured if they are secured
  • Keep the driver & passengers safe from injury: In a collision, a loose dog could crash into the driver or passengers and cause injury
  • Prevent escape: Securing your dog helps to prevent them bolting out of the car when you open the door or escaping out of an open window mid-journey
  • In many places, it's illegal to have an unsecured dog in a moving vehicle and can result in fines. In the UK, Rule 57 of the Highway Code applies

Read more about travel safety advice for you and your dog.

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