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Cocker Spaniel Size Guide


Friendly and fun loving, the Cocker Spaniel is happiest when he is working.

In fact his enthusiasm knows no bounds – which means he is no stranger to wet and messy terrains!

Dogrobes are perfect for the working Cocker Spaniel in between beats.

The dog drying coat will dry the dog quickly, while keeping his muscles warm, before he goes back to work.

They are also great for the journey home after a hard day’s work.  

  Which Dogrobe size fits a Cocker Spaniel?

The XS Dogrobe is usually the best fit for a Cocker Spaniel,

but at events over the summer we have seen a couple of tiny working Cockers that fit our TOY size.

It’s best to measure your Cocker Spaniel as each dog within a breed is different.

Watch the video below to find out how to measure your dog

then compare your measurements to the sizes given above.