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Labrador Size Guide


The Labrador has a natural inclination to retrieve on land and water.

In fact, black Labradors are exactly who Dogrobes, the original dog drying coat, were initially designed for! 

You can use a Dogrobe to dry their coats as well as using it to protect surrounds from wet and messy shake off.

Pack one with you whenever you and your Lab are heading out into the great outdoors,

and after your adventures, use this great dog drying coat to dry him off.

When he wears it there’s the added bonus that it keeps your vehicle and home clean and dry too.

  Labrador Size

Labradors usually need a size L Dogrobe, like Josh wears, but occasionally labs from working stock will take a size M.

To be sure of your Labrador’s size, watch the video below and measure your dog.

Then compare your measurements to the sizes given below.