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Labrador Size Guide


How does your dog measure up? This is Dogrobes’ one-stop-shop to ensuring you get the best fitting Dogrobe and dog Snood for your Labrador.

As an owner, you’ll know that it’s usually impossible to keep a Labrador out of water! The Dogrobe is an award-winning 3-in-1 dog coat, which dries your dog in around 30 minutes, keeps them warm and comforts them. Our Snood is sold separately for drying their neck and ears quickly.

No more wet, muddy shake-off or wet dog smell!

Labradors come from the working dog class and are known for being a multi-talented and helpful companion. They are well known assistance dogs, particularly as guide dogs for the visually impaired. Read Carri’s story about her superhero guide dog Lorna.

Dogrobes were made for Labradors. The very first dog drying coat was designed in 2004 by Ann Playle, thanks to her love for her eight working Labradors! Read how Dogrobes’ started

Our Labrador size chart and measuring guide will help you to accurately measure your dog to get the best fit. Dogrobes, Snoods and Gauntlets are made in Britain…to last! So it’s important to get the right size to last your dog for many years to come.

We’re always happy to help, so if you have any questions on size, just get in touch here. 

Labrador Growth 


A good rule of thumb is that a Labrador puppy will gain around two pounds per week up to six months old. From then they will transition to gaining around 1.5 pounds per week until turning a year old.

TOP TIP We recommend waiting until your pup is mature before investing in a Dogrobe. Our customers tell us that their Dogrobe has lasted for years. So to get the most use out of your Dogrobe, it might be best to hold off a few months. In the meantime, we suggest getting your Labrador puppy used to being dried with our Gauntlets, dog drying mitts. Even when your dog is fully grown, these drying mitts are still an essential piece of your dog drying kit to dry their legs and paws. No more wet muddy paw prints all over the newly cleaned kitchen floor! 

The Labrador is a moderately fast maturing breed, reaching adult height from six to 12 months, but they could still be filling out at up to two years old. 

What's The Average Labrador Size?


On average, an adult male Labrador weighs between 60 and 80 pounds and measures 22 to 25 inches at the shoulder. The average height for a female Labrador is between 21.5 and 23.5 inches, with a weight somewhere between 55 to 70lbs.

Labradors enjoy a treat or two! Any extra weight they’re carrying could affect the Dogrobe’s sizing.

We always recommend, measuring your dog to get the perfect fit but here is a guide to the Dogrobe size needed for adult Labradors:

  • A medium (M) Dogrobe [30in/76cm] will most likely fit Labrador bitches from working stock with a fine frame
  • A large (L) Dogrobe [32in/81cm] is usually the Labrador male size
  • An extra large (XL) Dogrobe [36in/91cm] is occasionally needed for chocolate Labradors

Dogrobes’ innovative fabric has longer loops on the inside that quickly draw moisture away from your dog’s coat. Read how the Dogrobe works.

How To Measure Your Labrador For A Dogrobe 

Measuring your dog is the best way to make sure you get the perfect fit. Your dog’s dog robe should last for years, so it’s worth putting in the effort to get the correct size.


TOP TIP Measure your dog after a walk or when they are relaxed but upright.

Measure your dog in 3 easy steps:


1. Measure around the deepest part of your Labrador’s chest to find their girth measurement.
2. Measure from the collar to the base of their tailThis measurement will most likely be shorter than their girth measurement. This is perfect! The Dogrobe’s length and width are the same and those extra inches in length drape over and dry the hindquarters.
3. Check your measurements against our Labrador size guideOpt for the size up, if your dog is in between sizes or their length matches or exceeds their girth. Choosing the bigger size means that the extra length will hang over and dry their back legs. There will be a slight overlap of fabric on the underbelly when you tie the Dogrobe. This is never a bad thing, as that’s the area which needs drying the most!



Dogrobes are available in plain colours (The Original Range) and patterns (The Exclusive Collection). If your dog wears a Harness for the journey home, we’ve created a small opening in the top of the Dogrobe to access the ‘D’ ring easily. Years of experience have gone into producing the very best dog drying coat. Here’s why Dogrobes’ are the ultimate 3-in-1 dog drying towel. 

Which Dog Snood Size For A Labrador? 

Snoods are great for drying your Labrador’s head, neck and ears. They are made from the same super-absorbent, lightweight fabric as the Dogrobe and come in 9 sizes and every colour to match your dog’s drying coat.

The easiest way to find your dog’s Snood size is to choose the same size Snood as their Dogrobe. However, if you’d like a very snug fit to muffle noise for example, go for the size down.

TOP TIP The Dogrobe size label is always next to the right hand tie.

If your dog has had to go up a size to an extra large (XL) Dogrobe because of a larger girth, we recommend you stick to the large (L) Snood size.

If you’d like more details on the exact measurements of our Snoods for Labradors, here are the circumference measurements for the top and bottom openings:



Gauntlets Drying Mitts Sizing

Dogobes’ drying mitts come in one size to fit all: approximately 13inches/33cm long and 5inches/13cm wide. They are available in every colour to match the rest of your essential dog drying kit.


 Gauntlets dog drying mitts will easily dry your Labrador’s legs and paws. No more dirty paw prints all over your house and car!

They’re also perfect for a quick rub down or getting your pup used to being dried when they’ve not grown into their final Dogrobe size.

Here’s everything you need to know about our Gauntlets.

Need Help Finding the Right Size For Your Labrador?


If you want to talk to us about the best size for your Labrador or if you’re gifting, contact us. We’re experts in dog care and we’ll always do our very best to help.

Dogrobes’ products are made from a unique towelling fabric which no one else has! It’s super-absorbent, lightweight and quick to dry for re-use. We pay great attention to making sure our designs are simple to use and our Dogrobes tie for a snug, secure fit time after time. What’s more we’re made in Britain and support dog charities with every Dogrobe sold online.

If you’ve got more questions read our frequently asked questions.

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