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Yorkshire Terrier Size Guide


A Dogrobe is a must-have for the Yorkshire Terrier as it will help keep their glossy coats in tip-top condition.

The Yorkshire Terrier is regarded by many as the perfect house pet but his coat is a magnet for mud and dirt when this lively little dog is exercised outdoors.

Using a Dogrobe as a dog drying coat as part of your Yorkie's grooming routine to keep his coat in tip-top condition.

  Yorkshire Terrier Size

Choose the MINI size of Dogrobe for your Yorkshire Terrier when it comes to ordering.

We’ve also produced MADE TO MEASURE for tiny Yorkies who are even smaller than our MINI size.

Please refer to our video to see how to measure to get the ideal fit for your Yorkshire Terrier.


If the Mini size is going to be too large for your Yorkie watch the Made To Measure video below.

Click here to contact us with your Yorkie's measurements