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Made In Britain…To Last
Trusted By Experts Since 2004
No Quibble Guarantee
Worldwide Shipping
dog in boot of car wearing dogrobe max
Introducing the Dogrobe Max logo

Discover our new Dogrobe MAX range

Dogrobes have just got better with the new and improved Dogrobe MAX

Maximum coverage + maximum comfort = maximum tail wags! This innovative and stylish new design combines the best of the Original Dogrobe with exciting new features you and your dog will love - available in red, navy & teal.

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What's new with the Dogrobe MAX?

The Dogrobe MAX is designed for better coverage, because more contact means more drying. And better comfort, giving your dog more mobility so they can get comfy after a walk even when they stretch out.

Here's what we've added:

Chest Plate

Covers & dries the chest and underbelly quickly and easily.

Shoulder Inserts

For more room to stretch out in comfort.

Higher Collar

Dries more fur around the neck area.

Handy Loop

To hang the Dogrobe MAX for easy storage.

small dog in blue dogrobe max

What's stayed the same?

We didn't want to mess too much with a good thing, so some of our most valued features have stayed exactly the same, along with the high-quality British manufacturing you trust us for.

For a snug, secure fit time after time.

Innovative Fabric
Exclusive, super-absorbent cotton towelling.

Lightweight, easily tolerated, quick-drying.

Practical Design
Easy fit for fast coverage, non-restrictive.

Extra Length
Drapes over hindquarters for extra coverage.

Measuring your dog for a Dogrobe MAX

The Dogrobe MAX comes in the same sizes as our other Dogrobes. All the measurements for length, girth, neck, tie length and tie width are the same as your usual size. So, if you've already got an Original Dogrobe that fits your dog perfectly, you can order the exact same size.

If you need to measure your dog for a Dogrobe MAX, watch the video and follow the 3 easy steps in our size guide. The measuring process is the same for all our Dogrobes. Check out our size guide which has breed examples as a guideline.

small dog in red dogrobe max

Fitting the Dogrobe MAX

Putting the Dogrobe MAX on your dog is slightly different than with the Original range, but over 90% of our testers said it's just as easy to fit as the Original Dogrobe.

How to get the perfect fit:

  • Pop the dog robe over your dog's head
  • Straighten it out over their back
  • Pull the chest plate through their front legs, under the belly
  • Draw the ties up on either side of their body
  • Tie loosely in a single loop so that the knot sits either side of their spine
  • Tuck the sides up on either side of their body

Tie the Dogrobe MAX the same way you would an Original Dogrobe. The chest plate may appear loose when your dog is sitting or standing, but it'll become nice and snug when they lie down.