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Made to Measure

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and we'd love every dog to benefit from their very own Dogrobe.
If your dog doesn't fit into our standard sizes then Made To Measures are the answer.
Prices start from just £25.95.

Which breeds usually need made to measure Dogrobe?

Pugs and Bulldogs - as their length is short but their girth is deep
Dachshunds - as their length is long but their girth is shallow
Teacup Chihuahuas - as they are too petite for our Mini size
Westies with a larger head - as they need extra room at the neck
Some Crossbreeds

Order a Made To Measure Dogrobes in 3 easy steps

1. Measure your dog

Watch our video on how to measure for a Made To Measure Dogrobe.

We need 3 measurements:

  • girth
  • collar to base of tail
  • over head


2. Complete the Made To Measure Order Form below

3. Pay for your order online

We will calculate the price of your dog's tailor-made Dogrobe and send your order by email.

We don't want you to feel penalised just because your dog doesn't fit into our standard sizes.
So we calculate our prices based on the fabric used, plus a bespoke manufacturing cost for cutting a single item.

Your order will show the bespoke Dogrobe together with anything else you've added to your order.
There will be a link on the order for you to pay online. 
If you prefer to pay over the phone please call us on 0800 151 3188.

How long before I receive my order?

Made To Measure dog drying coats usually take around 10-15 working days from the payment date to delivery.