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Dogrobes support Dogs Trust as their first charity

Dogrobes support Dogs Trust as their first charity

Aug 31, 2014

Dogs Trust Logo

Dogs Trust is the first dog charity which Dogrobes chose to support in 2014/15. The business had long been a supporter of the charity and donated to the cause when they first started up.

Dogrobes' owner  Margaret Reynolds travelled to the Dogs Trust centre in Glasgow to present the donation. She met the staff and the dogs they cared for and heard more about the charity.

Dogrobes' donation at Dogs Trust Glasgow

Margaret Reynolds from Dogrobes presents cheque to Dogs Trust volunteer and rescued dog

Margaret Reynolds from Dogrobes presents cheque to Kirsty and Kai at Dogs Trust 

The centre in Uddingston, Glasgow has 66 glass-fronted kennels that house hundreds of dogs every year on their journey to a new home. New dogs arrive at the centre all the time and it's important that the staff get to know each dog. This way they can identify what each dog needs from their new home before making them available for rehoming. 

Dogrobes: Corporate Friends of Dogs Trust

Dogrobes were invited to become a Corporate Friend of Dogs Trust, recognising the links between the charity and the company which produces drying coats for dogs.

Margaret said: “It’s thanks to our customers that we’ve given this latest cheque, because a donation from the sale of every Dogrobe goes to Dogs Trust. I had a great tour of the Glasgow centre, I only wish could have taken all the dogs home with me! Since the visit, I’ve come away with renewed enthusiasm and determination to continue supporting such a great cause through the sales of our  Dogrobes.”

Kirsty Scott, fundraising officer for the Dogs Trust said: “It was wonderful to receive a donation from Dogrobes. Every single donation is valued and goes towards helping dogs in our care and our outreach work. We’ve recently started a new ‘Corporate Friend’ scheme, and we’re delighted that Dogrobes has become part of that.”

As a Corporate Friend, Dogrobes pledged to continue giving regular support to the charity throughout the year, while helping raise the profile of the cause and its important outreach work.

Dogs Trust and how you can help

Rescued dog at Dogs Trust looking for her forever home

Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and its mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life. They also campaign at both local and national level on a wide range of different issues that directly impact on the welfare of dogs both in the UK and abroad.

The charity receives no direct government funding and rely on the generosity of their supporters to help them achieve their mission. Money raised is used:

  • to invest in their rehoming centres so that they can continue to be there for the nation's dogs
  • to fund preventative work to help protect dogs in the future
  • to invest in, develop and promote information to help dog owners understand the needs of their furry friends

Each year the charity cares for around 16,000 dogs at its 21 rehoming centres, and no healthy dog is ever destroyed. 

If you'd like to find out more about adopting a dog from Dogs Trust, check out their  rehoming page. Once you've adopted a dog, you're not on your own because Dogs Trust are committed to supporting you for the whole life of the dog.

Dogrobes' continuing charity work

Dogrobes still donate to a chosen charity from every sale of their towelling dog coats, sold online or at events. We are currently supporting  Hounds for Heroes and you can read more about our collaboration with them here

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