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Have you seen it yet? Our camouflage Dogrobe is revealed!

Have you seen it yet? Our camouflage Dogrobe is revealed!

Aug 21, 2018

Here at Dogrobes, we thrive on a challenge! We are always willing to listen to our valued customers and incorporate their ideas into our product development.

Inspiration from our environment

It was no different when, during a chat with our gamekeeper clients, we were asked if we might be able to come up with a  camouflage version of the  Dogrobes dog drying coat for use by their working dogs after they returned from duty. This meant we had to explore and be creative, to ensure we built the gamekeepers’ environment into our designs. How exciting!

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration, as our business is set in Moray-Speyside, where we have beautiful rolling countryside and rugged hills and moors surrounding us. We love the rich warm hues of deep green, golden beige, military khaki and rich chocolatey brown in our landscapes and used this as inspiration to our Scottish designer.

Blending in while standing out

After working on various designs and agreeing our top choice, our new camouflage fabric was created exclusively for us. If you look really closely, you’ll even spy different dog breeds within its design.

We were delighted to enlist the support of ‘models’ Ben and Star from  Forbeshill Spaniels, Forres – two handsome cocker spaniels who looked fantastic in the photoshoot held to showcase the new look. 

While the dogs blend in with the great outdoors, the khaki collection is proving to be something of a head-turning take on our flagship design of  Dogrobes drying coat. Our design launch appears to have coincided with camouflage design suddenly being in style on the catwalks around the globe!

It’s no wonder then, that since the range unveiled to the public for the first time at this summer’s  Scottish Game Fair, the feedback has been superb and we’re super-excited and thankful for the positive response we’ve had. It isn’t only working dog-owners who like them, but followers on social, who use words such as “stunning”, “amazing” and “smart” in their comments.

Style hot off the press

The camouflage Dogrobe has had coverage in a range of publications including  The HeraldSLOAN! Magazine and Countryman’s Weekly. And as with all our Dogrobes, the camouflage version comes in the full range of sizes – from mini to XXXL - and is available to order online. It can be personalised too!

This new camo design increases the style choice that we offer to our dog-loving customers and joins our eight same-coloured Dogrobes, as well as our  Exclusive Collection Tartan Dogrobes designed in our own Dogrobes registered tartan, which was introduced two years ago to reflect our Scottish heritage.

So if you enjoy seeing the designs walking the runway, then you’ll love our stand-out  camouflage Dogrobe drying coat trend this season. This distinctively different look is a copyrighted pattern, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Harnessing power with style

It's the end of a long countryside hack and your four-legged friends are tired and happy, waiting by the car for their journey home. That's the dog owner's dream scenario anyway! Of course, reality may be a little different if you have boisterous pups, who are more likely to be muddy, wet and reluctant to go home! That's when you need to keep them firmly on their lead, while applying their dog drying coats quickly and without fuss. We've designed the camouflage towelling dog coat with a clever opening for the harness D-ring and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3: 

  1. Lay camouflage dog robe over your dog's back - over the top of the harness 
  2. Line up the harness access opening over the D-ring & lead clip 
  3. Transfer lead clip from under the Dogrobe to clip to the D-ring through the access opening (just make sure you hold your dog's harness firmly with your other hand, while transferring the lead) - tie as normal

We hope you love our new take on Dogrobes too…and look out for more exciting design developments coming soon!

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at these online features which have referenced our camouflage collection:

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Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust - an article about Dogrobes, their CEO Margaret Reynolds and the background to the camouflage drying robe 

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Cocker Spaniels wearing Camouflage Gun Dog Drying Coats


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