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Have you seen it yet? Our camouflage Dogrobe is revealed!

Have you seen it yet? Our camouflage Dogrobe is revealed!

21st Aug 2018

Here at Dogrobes, we do love a challenge and are always keen to keep our canine-loving customers happy.

So there could be no disguising our delight when, during a chat with some of our gamekeeper clients, we were asked if we might be able to come up with a camouflage version for drying off gun dogs after working.

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration, as our business is set in Moray-Speyside where we have beautiful rolling countryside and rugged hills and moors surrounding us.

Working with a Scottish designer, our new camouflage fabric has been created exclusively for us and if you study it closely, you’ll spy different dog breeds within its design.

We were delighted to enlist the support of ‘models’, cocker spaniels Ben and Star from Forbeshill Spaniels, Forres, in a photoshoot to showcase the new look.

Rather than dogs blending in with their surrounds, our khaki collection is proving to be something of a head-turning take on our popular product.

Since the range unveiled to the public for the first time at this summer’s Scottish Game Fair, the feedback has been great.

It’s not just those who have working dogs that like them – we’re getting some great comments from our social media followers who are describing the new dog drying jackets as “stunning”, “amazing” and “smart” in their comments.

The camouflage Dogrobe has had coverage in a range of publications including The Herald, SLOAN! Magazine and Countryman’s Weekly.

Like all our Dogrobes, the camouflage version comes in the full range of sizes – from mini to XXXL - and is available to order online. It can be personalised too.

The new design increases the style choice to our growing customer base. It comes in addition to our eight self-coloured Dogrobes, and our exclusive Dogrobes registered tartan introduced two years ago to reflect our Scottish heritage.

So forget what the fashion houses are sending down the catwalk – there’s only one stand-out trend for dogs this season and that’s the new camouflage Dogrobe.

We think dogs look great in them and our distinctively different look is a copyrighted pattern so you won’t find it anywhere else.

We hope you love our new take on Dogrobes too…and look out for more exciting design developments coming soon!

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at these online features which have referenced our camouflage collection:

Cocker Spaniels wearing Camouflage Gun Dog Drying Coats