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NEW The Dog Walking Bags from Dogrobes

NEW The Dog Walking Bags from Dogrobes

Feb 14, 2020

The story of our Dog Walking Bags

When we started working with Zero Waste Scotland to reduce our packaging, little did we know that we’d have two brand new dog walking bags by the end of our research…

We set out to create new packaging which wouldn’t just be for getting our products from A to B, but which would have a secondary use. The intention was to create product packaging which would double up as a useful bag which could be used when walking the dog. However, our great team of customers who were taking part in our research took things a step further!

Our questions informed our choice

Our initial questions to the survey team of pet owners, retailers, groomers and dog walkers centred around what features they’d like to see in the bag. Our friends at East of Scotland Packaging company took the results and came up with some great prototypes.

The respondents were completely blown away with the prototype bags and we had feedback such as:
“I need this now!”
“When will it be ready?”
“Wow, I didn’t think it would look like this – it’s even better than I’d imagined!”

But there was also:
“What about a high vis strip for night time walking?”
“I’d prefer a bigger bag, so that I could store stuff in it too.”
“I’d like a ‘D’ ring, so I could attach a lead or my whistle.”
“It would be great if there was a zip for valuables.”
“What about a place for poop bags?”
“It needs to be water-resistant and wipeable.”

The team of respondents basically let us know that there was a definite need for a Dog Walking Bag, which had lots of practical features they wanted, but which still looked stylish.

So, the one bag became two which meant there would be different styles for different purposes. A crossbody for daily walks and a backpack style for longer walks and storage. We incorporated all the features we were asked for…and some. In short, the very basic bag which we’d intended to create, grew arms and legs!

Check out the great features of both bags. Which one would suit your lifestyle best?

dog walking bags

Why our Dog Walking Bags made it into production

We understand what it’s like to set off on a walk and then realise that you’ve forgotten an essential, so we wanted to make sure that you could fit everything you needed for yourself and your dog into the bag. All your valuables are securely stored and the things you need are within easy reach in the specially designed pockets and pouches. As one of our testers said, “It just hangs there in the hall and I don’t have to think: Have I got this? Have I got that? I know that everything is in the bag ready to go.” Have a look at everything you can fit into the bags. These are just examples of the things you might like to add. The choice is yours when it comes to yours and your dog’s favourites. Each style of bag comes with a free roll of compostable poop bags and we have chosen our favourite treats, wipes and hand cleanser to add to your bag.

Our new Dog Walking Bags were a surprise by-product of our efforts to reduce our packaging and this year when we launch the bags at Crufts we’re offering them half price. So, you can carry off your purchases in style. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Crufts, there’s still a chance to purchase the bags half price on our website - and with worldwide shipping available.

Got any more questions? You can always reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!

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