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Our BIG Photoshoot At The Beach - Blog Post

Our BIG Photoshoot At The Beach - Blog Post

3rd Nov 2017

This was always going to be an ambitious project and it didn't disappoint!

Our vision for the landing page of our new website was to have an image of lots of dogs on the beach wearing their Dogrobes. After weeks of planning, August 13th saw us attempt the shot on Roseisle beach.

Thankfully the weather was kind to us and customers and friends dragged themselves out of bed early on a Sunday morning to help us out. It was great to meet everyone and the dogs had great fun in the water.

2 Golden Doodles Running In The Sea

It was going to be nigh on impossible to get all 55 dogs to sit or stand at the same time. So we opted to take group shots and edit the image together.

We even met a handsome Deerhound who just happened to be on the beach and was very keen to take part in our shoot. How could we refuse the gorgeous Mr C?

Don't tell Missie but we actually got to the end of the shoot and realised that we'd forgotten to include her! We soon rectified that though. 'DIVA DOG' would not have been impressed to have been excluded.

Our photographers from Isla Brig Images were absolute stars and a few grey hairs later, they finally provided us with the shot that we'd envisaged.

We're delighted with the shot and can only thank all our wonderful friends and customers for taking part. Your patience in waiting to see the image on our new website is greatly appreciated.

We hope you love the shot as much as we do!