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Made In Britain…To Last
Trusted By Experts Since 2004
No Quibble Guarantee
Worldwide Shipping

Red Dogrobe

Red Dogrobes are perfect for drying, warming and comforting your dog after outdoor adventures.

£24.95 - £54.95


We must admit, we love a matching set AND an offer!

Complement your red Dogrobe with a red Snood and save £3. The Snood is perfect for drying your dog's head, neck and ears quickly.

Add a pair of red Gauntlets to dry their legs and paws and save another £2.

With the complete kit, Dogrobe + Snood + Gauntlets, you save £5 and have the complete solution to deal with wet, muddy dogs.

Our super-absorbent dog drying coat protects your home and surfaces from wet or muddy shake-off. Take one with you in the car and keep your vehicle clean and dry on the journey home from wet or muddy walks.

Part of our range since we started back in 2004, the popularity of Red Dogrobes has never waned. It’s a unisex choice, with the vibrant red colour suiting both male and female pooches.

Thanks to their super-absorbent fabric and quick fit, Dogrobes are the easy way to dry your dog after outdoor adventures, swimming, grooming, training, working and bath times. The long loops on the inside of the drying coat quickly absorb moisture from your dog's fur, helping them dry off quickly in around 30 minutes.

Using a Dogrobe is perfect for dogs who don’t like hairdryers, and it can help reduce dog coat matting caused by vigorous towel drying. Pets can lounge around in their Dogrobe without the risk of an unpleasant wet dog smell to contend with - and you can say goodbye to soggy dog towels lying around.

Customise your Red Dogrobe

Make it yours! Customise your Red Dogrobe with these convenient options:

  • Harness Access Opening: Dry your dog safely on car journeys. Add a strategically placed opening for easy access to their harness 'D' ring. Simply select "Add Harness Access Opening" from the dropdown menu
  • Embroidered Name: Give your Dogrobe a personal touch. Select ‘YES’ for embroidered name, then enter your dog's name in the field provided. Their name will appear in white stitching on both sides of their Red Dogrobe

Choose a dog drying coat and you can look forward to saving time and effort cleaning up after your pet.

red dogrobe

Fabric Composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

Please note: we do our best to achieve a consistent colour match when dyeing our fabrics. However, there may be some variation between batches.

It’s important to measure your dog to get the right size. Watch the video below or follow the 3 easy steps below. Whatever size or breed of dog you have, we’ll have a Dogrobe to suit. We even do Made To Measure for our Original Dogrobe.

Measure your dog in 3 easy steps:

Measure around the deepest part of your dog's chest to find the girth measurement.
Then measure from their collar to the base of the tail. Your dog's collar to tail measurement will normally be a few inches shorter than the girth measurement.
If your dog is between sizes, opt for the size up. If your dog's length matches its girth, opt for the size up.
diagram showing how to measure your dog
Size Breed Example Dog's Girth Measurement
Mini Yorkshire Terrier 16in/41cm
Toy Jack Russell 20in/51cm
XS Cocker Spaniel 24in/61cm
S Springer Spaniel 26in/66cm
M Border Collie 30in/76cm
L Labrador 32in/81cm
XL German Shepherd 36in/91cm
XXL Great Dane 40in/101cm
XXXL Newfoundland 44in/112cm