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Raining Cats N Dugs - Burns Day Blog Post

Raining Cats N Dugs - Burns Day Blog Post

25th Jan 2018

It’s Burns Day and to celebrate the bard and the Scots language we’d like to share an excerpt from a funny, award-winning story about one of our photo shoots.

Sarah Green (14, middle photo) is the sister of Alice who works part-time at Dogrobes and Sarah won Education Scotland's Scots Creative Writing Competition with a story about her cat, Pickles, attending one of our ‘shoots. It’s a true story with a bit of poetic licence as you’ll see……

"Fa wid o thoucht a cat wid be invited tae a photoshoot for a company that makes dug drying coats? Well that’s fit happened tae my cat Pickles.

It wis a cauld dreich day in the north-east o’ Scotland. We hid five minties tae get up tae the Dogrobes offices and Pickles wis nae where tae be seen. The hoose wis raked up and doon, rustling her treats in every neuk and crannie- she’ll dee onything fir a treat. Pickles still didnae appear. There wis nae luck, we hid tae resort tae takin’ a stuffed cat toy instead. Everybody had lost a’ hope until I saw Pickles gandering aboot on the dyke ootside.

Quickly I ran oot tae her. I grabbed a hud o’ her I took her intae the hoose tae get her intae her basket. It took a few folk but eventually we got her in.

The journey up tae the office wis traumatic. We were stuck behind a slow tractor and Pickles was whining a’ the wye up, hating ivery second of being in the car. It wis a relief tae finally stop the whining fan we got up tae the office. On the wye up the stairs we passed twa dugs. Thankfully nithin’ chaotic happened because the cat was still in her basket. Pickles absolutely despises dugs.

Once up in the office, the cat took a wee while tae suss the place oot. She thoucht it might o’ been a bit sketchy because the room had a strong aroma o’ dug.

In front of the camera Pickles wis a natural. Just aboot as good as Kate Moss. She wore a dogrobe without stirring up ony fuss. It wis highly possible she wis actually enjoying hersel’. Everything wis going smoothly until the end fan a neurotic toy poodle emerged from the bottom o’ the stairs.

The poodle came bounding up the staircase to where Pickles wis. She wisna too pleased tae say the least. Slowly and slyly Pickles crawled until she wis inches awa fae the dug. Thinking it wis a game, the poodle started tae run and chase her. Pickles certainly didna think it wis a game. Turning tae face the poodle, she did this thing she a’ways dis fan she’s ready tae pounce. Wiggling her bum intae pouncing mode and her eyes doubling the size of usual, she jumped aiming for the poodles eyes. The poodle howled and shrieked. Needle sharp claws belonging tae Pickles hid jist missed the dug’s eyes, leaving three deep cuts along its face. Everyone fell silent. Naebody kent fit tae dee. Good job the vet wis only next door.

We took the Poodle wee blood dripping fae her face next door... After the dug hid been checked oot, it wis a relief tae find oot that nae damage hid been done tae its eyesight. Its cuts needed a few stiches bit nithin’ too major...Unfortunately the poodle wisna able tae get its photo teen as it wis instructed tae go hame and rest.

Back at the Dogrobes office the incident brought the photoshoot tae and end. It wis nice tae see the staff didna think ony less o’ the cat and understood she only pounced as she saw the dug as a threat. Once the cameras and equipment wis tidied up it wis time tae bring pickles hame.

Fan we got outside the sky wis grey and it wis raining heavily, some micht o’ said it wis raining cats and dugs."

(taken from 'Pickles gets intae a Pickle' by Sarah Green)

We can confirm that Missie did not receive any injuries whatsoever during the photo shoot in fact Miss and Pickles were actually quite amused by each other!

Thanks to Sarah for allowing us to share her award-winning story and remember, when it is ‘raining cats n dugs’, we’ve got your their backs covered!

Cat wearing navy Dogrobe, Lab, Fergus, wearing read Dogrobe in front of fire