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The easy way to dry your dog

SAVE up to £5 when you Complete The Kit of a Dogrobe, Snood and Gauntlets 


A Snood is the perfect partner to a Dogrobe for drying your dog’s head, neck and ears quickly.


Designed to be worn like a loose hood, your dog is likely to shake his ears free leaving the Snood in position to dry his neck.


It’s ideal to use after swimming, training, bathing or working or other outdoor adventures.

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   Unique, super-absorbent fabric 80% cotton, 20% polyester

   Lightweight, breathable & quick-drying

   Durable, snag-proof & long-lasting.

  Unique, easy fit design

  No Velcro to catch on dogs' ears. Safe & comfortable.



Complete The Kit


We must admit, we love a matching set. Complement your Snood with Gauntlets and a Dogrobe.

Not only does it look co-ordinated, it means you're able to dry your dog easily from head to paw.

Our Dogrobes, towelling drying coats dry your dog's body and save the wet muddy shake off, while the matching Gauntlets will dry his legs and paws.

Buy the full kit and you've got the complete solution to deal with wet, muddy dogs.

Simple Dog Drying Solutions


Snoods are perfect for drying a dog’s ears, neck and head but they have other benefits too.


Wearing a Snood keeps your dog’s ears out of his food; it limits noise from fireworks and keeps older dogs warm.

Originally designed for thick, wet Spaniel ears, Snoods soon became a big hit with other breeds too.

Floppy ears take a while to dry so Poodles, Bichons and Cockapoos love them. For Collies, Newfies, or Retrievers with lots of fur around the neck and head, Snoods contain all that fur and dry it quickly.


How does your dog measure up?

Your dog's Snood will most likely be the same size as the Dogrobe he wears. 
The exception will be if your dog's girth is larger than the usual breed size. 
Our Snood size guide has more information.
This video shows our Snoods and Gauntlets in use.

What Makes a Snood So Special?

You'll love the fabric and the design of our Snoods - and so will your dog.

Our unique fabric is lightweight and single layered, so it's easily tolerated by dogs - even those who normally don't like wearing coverings.

The secret to its super-absorbing power is in the longer loops on the inside of the fabric. The longer loops on the inside of the fabric absorb moisture as soon as they come into contact with your dog's wet fur.

The fully enclosed design traps your dog's body heat and uses it to dry your dog quickly. 

Snoods have other benefits too. they keep dogs' ears out of their food, they limit noise from fireworks and they keep older dogs warm.

The result? No more soggy ears or necks and no wet dog smell!

How To Get The Perfect Fit…

Years Of Wear With Some Loving Care

Looking after your dog's Snood couldn't be easier:

Machine wash at 40°C 
Use little or no fabric conditioner 
Tumble-dry on low heat

It's good to know that there's no Velcro to snag while laundering.
Beware! Some dogs like to chew so we recommend not leaving your dog unattended while wearing his Snood.

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