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The easy way to dry your dog

SAVE up to £5 when you Complete The Kit of a Dogrobe, Snood and Gauntlets 


Gauntlets - or drying gloves - are the quick and simple way to dry wet muddy paws and legs. The double layers of our super-absorbent towelling absorb moisture on contact and wipe away mud. The wide opening gauntlets fit over jacket sleeves and keep your hands dry and warm. Ideal to use after outdoor adventures.

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   Double layer of unique, super-absorbent fabric

   Hard-wearing, snag-proof & long-lasting

   Easy fit design

   Wide opening at wrist to fit over jackets


* Sold as a pair *


Complete The Kit


Complement your Gauntlets with a Dogrobe and Snood.

Not only does it look co-ordinated, but you'll be able to dry your dog easily from head to paw.

Simple dog drying solutions

Gauntlets are designed to make it quick and simple to dry your dog's wet, muddy legs and paws - not to mention saving your home and car from having dirty prints everywhere.

They’re convenient for a quick outing in the rain when you don't need a full Dogrobe – simply use our drying mitts to get the job done in super quick time.
For anxious dogs, they're less intimidating than approaching them with a big towel as they look just like a piece of your clothing.
Did you know our Gauntlets are also great for drying horses, too?

Wet muddy paw prints may be part and parcel of life with dogs, so trust Dogrobes to make things easier for you.

Simple dog drying solutions

Gauntlets are quick and convenient for a speedy rub down targeting your dog’s paws and legs.
Start with the front legs and paws before moving to the back legs and paws. If your dog’s legs and paws are really wet, use the other side of each Gauntlet to achieve maximum drying ability.

Say goodbye to soggy legs and paws

Our super absorbent dog drying gauntlets suck up moisture and wipe away mud.
Just like a pair of gloves, they look like a piece of your clothing so have the benefit of reducing anxiety amongst nervous dogs.
They have been designed so they are wide enough to fit over the sleeve of a jacket, so are perfect for use out of doors as they will keep your hands dry and warm.
Their neatly shaped design makes them easy to target paws and legs.
We’ve even included a handy hook too so you can hang them up right where you need them.
One size fits all.

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