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3-in-1: Dogrobes as a Comfort Coat

3-in-1: Dogrobes as a Comfort Coat

26th Oct 2018

Did you realise how versatile your Dogrobe is? So many customers have given us countless examples of where the Dogrobe has helped calm nervous or anxious dogs when used as a comfort coat. We wanted to share this useful advice with everyone.

Our vet explains the theory behind the concept:

"Gentle pressure around a dog's chest acts like soothing swaddling, reducing anxiety. The Dogrobe, should be wrapped and tied closely around the dog's torso creating a constant but gentle pressure, creating an overall calming effect. The Dogrobe can stay like this on the dog for up to 2-3 hours."

Here are more top tips from our vet to help your dog through the forthcoming season:

  • Create a safe sanctuary for your dog by covering their crate with heavy fabric to dull the noise and provide lots of blankets to burrow in.
  • Try rescue remedies. There are plenty natural options on the market, with work with the dog's own messaging systems to help to reduce anxiety.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing their collar and tag as spooked dogs can easily escape when you answer the door. More dogs are lost during bonfire season than any other.
  • Change your routine - walk during the day rather than in the evening.
  • Keep the TV or radio on to reduce the impact of the sudden sound of fireworks.

We're coming up to this time of year, where fireworks can be an absolute nuisance for dog-owners whose dogs become so stressed by the sudden, loud bangs and flashes. Thanks to the warm spell over the summer, our Dogrobes haven't had their usual use! So now is the time to get them back into action if your dog is spooked by fireworks season.